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Goop on my face - The Anti-Bride Community
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Goop on my face
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icedaemoness From: icedaemoness Date: June 4th, 2009 12:00 am (UTC) (Link)
Hi! I'm a professional dancer actress model and I love makeup, but I hate goop! Yes, trial pics are a good idea, but no guarantee the light or photog will treat you the same on the day. There are non goop options!
I recommend mascara over everything else (and dry sunscreen). Waterproof! It is the lightest way to make sure your eyes don't get lost.

If you want more contour on your face, Bronzer can be a nice touch, instead of blush. Avoid all liquid and cream foundations!!! If you want a bit of evening out, just go for MAC studio fix powder (SPF 15, too, which is nice!). If you want color on your eyes, MAC eyepaint will dry and stay put weightlessly through a sweat lodge.

Again, though; if you are used to your face without makeup, and want to feel comfy, I'd say the best compromse is mascara. L'Oreal beauty tubes is the best kind right now, but not yet waterproof. I really like the ones with the two steps; conditioner then color. And you can get that at wallgreens or longs.
10 comments or Leave a comment