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piss on tradition, we're doing it OUR way.

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Membership to this community is on an approval-only basis No fairytale, cinderella, under-18 brides permitted, please. We do check. Also, if your journal is locked to friends-only or your user info doesn't actually contain any information about you, please don't bother applying. If we can't tell what kind of person you are, it's probably safe to assume you won't be allowed in. In addition, do not post in our journals OR text message us (yeah, that one surprised us too) if we "reject" you. A polite email would be fine, and might even make us change our mind.

This is a community for LJ users who are not afraid to go outside the box. If you are involved with, planning, attending or being in the unconventional or non-traditional wedding.

This community is NOT affiliated with the commercial "Anti-Bride Guide" or "Anti-Bride Planner". Just 'cause you own the book doesn't mean you should be here, capisce?

Share original ideas, links and suggestions for being the anti-bride.

Wanna pitch a bitch? feel free to go there. Know a co-worker or bridezilla friend that won't shut up about her wedding? Say what you want, use your colorful language.. we don't mind if you say "fuck and shit."

Keep in mind this is a wedding community and we want to posts to be on topic. Just because you are planning a wedding or in a wedding with a psycho bride doesn't mean you HAVE to be prim and proper and lose your sense of humor in the process. This is supposed to be fun, remember? On the other hand, this is not a snark community. This is not the place to snark posts from other wedding communities. There are plenty of other places for that.

Just keep in mind that this is not a place for you to post your daily completed tasks, not for you to share your joy that you finally got your [insert wedding part here]. This is more of a place to share ideas and ideals with like minded brides that don't want to do it the traditional way... we want to do it our way, to reflect us and not what some garbage bridal mag dictates. If you think that your non-personal wedding related post (like "I found this in Emily Post and...")is something appropriate for weddingplans, think twice-- we're not the same group and we'd appreciate that you not cross post so as to not clog up friends lists with double and triple posts.

We're not the fluffy bunny wunny brides. We're not the prima donna brides. We know it's not going to be perfect, we're not going to ride off into the sunset, and that it's not just OUR day. We want to share our day with our future husbands, our friends and our loved ones and we're doing it our way.

This community consists of several strongly opinionated members and if you don't have thick skin, then maybe this is not the place for you.

After joining (and yes, the key word is AFTER - you must be approved first), we ask that you create yourself a searchable profile on the antibride profiles page created by kageneko. If you create a profile BEFORE being accepted, it'll be deleted and your application will be rejected. Feel free to also post a quick intro to the list (and you can include your profile's static link if you'd like to share it, too).

****Community Rules*****

1. If you're gonna post long posts, large images or more than 1 picture please use the LJ cut tag

2. Tolerance. Know that your ideas might not be the same as someone elses... and there might be conflict of interest. Laugh it off, if you think your ideas rock that's all that matters.

3. No quiz results. Anyone posting quiz results is going to be removed from the community.

this one is very important

4. ANY signs of drama and you will be banned with no warning. Said decisions will be made at moderator discretion, based on the class of interaction posted by members or outside users. no joke.

5. Stay on topic.

6. This isn't a place to promote your communities or eBay auctions. You can promote your community at community_promo. Any spamming posts will be deleted. Users caught doing this more than once will be removed.

7. This community is not meant for users to update every time you had something accomplished, itineraries, schedules, to-do lists etc. Please keep such content in your own personal journals or other communitites.

8. No crossposting. This means you.

9. No promotions from non-established members.

10. Please, for the love of all that is holy, use the default community text color when posting. Don't use custom colors, no matter how cute you think it might be. It makes your posts hard to read on some people's layouts.

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antibride member profiles page

This community is maintained by kageneko (antibrides@gmail.com), bluejupiter (elisha@mts.net), and rcantilles and was started by the lovely serialkiller and then maintained by theunblonde.